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Indonesia offers unique encounters thanks to the diversity of the underwater life. Dives in Indonesia are always surprising and quite often, after surfacing, divers stay still, day dreaming and thinking about how incredible mother nature is: diversity, shapes, colors of the reefs, fiirst time encountered animals and sparkling life.

Indonesia is also beautiful landscapes, from savanna in Komodo to limestone islands of Raja Ampat, to the white sand beach of the Banda islands, to the cone shape volcanos and other lagoons…

The underwater pictures below where taken by guests and ourselves during diving cruises all over east of Indonesia.

Thanks to let us share your pictures.



Diving cruise Komodo – may 2009
Pictures taken by Christophe.
Diving cruise Sorong to Ambon – november/december 2008
Pictures taken by Viky.
Diving cruise Raja Ampat North – november 2008
Pictures taken by Bertrand M.
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