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Diving cruises Raja Ampat North

Dive Indonesia Raja Ampat North


Center of the Coral Triangle, origin of the underwater fauna, the National Park of Raja Ampat – translate the « four kings » for the 4 main islands, Misool in the South, SalawatiBatanta and Waigeo – will surprise you by its virgin landscapes, mangrove, limestone islands and the incredible diversity of its underwater world. (To the facebook web page of the national Park).

In 2001, a scientist team made an assessment of the marine life and its health and discovered records of species of coral per dive and new species of fish in a well preserved environment.

Day 0: You will be welcome at the domestic airport of Sorong by a member of the English speaking team. Transfer to the boat where the crew and a welcome drink are waiting for you. After getting accustomed to the boat, we will sail North to the island of Gam. We will need the evening to go there. Sunset drinks and dinner will be served.

Day 1: A light breakfast will be served before our first dive Batu Lima, beautiful reef with schooling barracudas, nudibranchs… Back on board, a real breakfast awaits us. The second dive will take us to The Passage, real salt water river separating the islands of Gam and Waigeo. The sceneries at the surface are magnificent. After lunch and a nap, the third dive will take place in Nudi Rock for nudibranchs lovers of course! Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served before sunset drinks and dinner.


Day 2: Same program. The first dive will take place in Feriwen where we will look for pygmy sea horses… The second one in Mios Kon will take us to a beautiful coral garden with many schooling fishs such as hump head parrotfishs, barracudas, yellow snappers, sweet lips and great chance to see the wobbegong. After lunch and a nap, we will propose you to dive the outstanding Mike’s Point for the small endemic fishs.

Day 3: We will dive in the schooling fishs of Sardine Reef and Chicken Reef. Unforgettable dives!!!

Day 4: We will start the day West of Mansuar on Tanjung Barat then two dives are planned on the Manta Ridge to see mantas of course but also sea moths and Pontohi pygmy sea horses. We will then sail to Yangello Island, West of Waigeo.

Day 5: The first dive will take place in Imabruk to see endemic animals, wobbegongs, barracudas… We will do our second dive on the pinnacle of Pef, full of fishs specially schooling ones. The last dive will be on Yeben Kecil, huge groupers, schooling fishs, partner shrimps…


Day 6: We will dive Tamagui Island, on the Ridges South-west and on the Tamagui Pinnacles. The reefs are covered with soft corals and so many fishes, hump head parrot fishs, white tip reef sharks, wobbegong, eagle rays, pygmy sea horses…

Day 7: We will stay around Wofoh Island, diving Edi’s Black Forest, beautiful black corals, schooling fishs, black tip reef sharks… Taman Wofoh and Red Patch Wall will give us the opportunity to see small endemic animals, mandarin fishs, wobbegong, nudibranchs…

Day 8: In the Alyui Bay, you will be amazed by the muck diving: many different kinds of nudibranchs, partner shrimps, wasp fishs, incredible crabs, frog fishs, toad fishs… Welcome to the dive sites of Cendana Fuel Dock, Bird’sWall and Channel Island.


Day 9: We will dive the surrounding dive sites of Pulau KaweEagle Rock for mantas, black corals; The Maze, underwater labyrinth formed by plateau attracting many fishes; and finally Do It Again, very nice site with different sceneries, wall, slope, bommies and fishs everywhere.

Day 10: We will explore the reefs around Penemu Island, Fam Be with its pygmy sea horses, giant sized nudibranchs, orang utan crabs…Barracudas Point, beautiful coral garden, steep walls… Melissa’s Garden, astounding corals, wobbegong, pygmies, blue ribbon eels…

Day 11: Same program with a first dive on Sea Mount, second dive on Anita’s Garden and last one is Keruo Channel.

Day 12: We start going back to Sorong offering you beautiful dives in Cape Kri full of life, diversity of underwater animals, so many fishs… Second dive is Pulau Koh and its wobbegongs, schooling fishs… After lunch, we will dive the other part of Chicken Reef, Barracudas Sleeping.


Day 13: First dive on Cape Kri again, so beautiful. We will then sail to Wai Island to dive on a Second World War plane wreck the P47B. We will navigate back to Sorong to arrive in the evening. A farewell drink will be offered before we have the chance to welcome you again on board of the Komodo Sailing.


You wish to stay longer:

We can propose you to take you upper North to Wayag Islands and their spectacular sceneries.

We can also go to the South part of the Park to outstanding Misool, real capital of the soft corals and dive sites full of life and colors.

Raja Ampat National Park has more than 200 dive sites to offer you and still some places to explore.



The captain and the cruise manager may have to change the program depending on the weather forecast and the sea conditions.

The dives will be adjusted to the level of experience of the divers.

We cannot be hold responsible in case of delays due to domestic or international flights or deliverance of port clearance.


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