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Diving cruises Komodo

Dive Indonesia Komodo


National Park since 1981, Komodo will charm you by its landscapes and animals as much as its underwater world.

At the surface, the lunar sceneries and the savanna covering the park will seduce you when we go on land to look for the infamous Dragon, the largest lizard on earth.

Underwater, the meeting between the Indian and Pacific Oceans will bewitch you by the magnificent reefs with beautiful and colorful coral gardens and by the diversity and abundance of the fauna: manta rays, sharks and also small and endemic animals such as pygmy sea horses, sea apple custard, nudibranchs, frog fishs…

Day 1: You will be welcome at the domestic airport of Labuan BajoFlores Island, by a member of the English speaking team. Transfer on the boat where the crew and a welcome drink are waiting for you. After getting accustomed to the boat, we will sail to Sabayor Kecil where a dive is planned depending on the arrival time. Coffee, tea and biscuits will wait for us before sunset drinks and dinner are served.

Day 2: A light breakfast will be served before our first dive, Tatawa Kecil. Back on board, a real breakfast awaits us. The second dive will take place in Batu Bolong one of the « must dive » places. After lunch and a nap, the third dive will be in North Passage. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served before sunset drinks and dinner.


Day 3: Same program. The first dive will be on Castle Rock, busy underwater town. The second dive will take place in Crystal Rock renowned for its crystal clear waters. After lunch and a nap, we will dive Light House. It is possible to climb to the top of Gili Lawa Darat to enjoy spectacular views of the sunset on the Park (around 20 minutes walk).

Day 4: Same program with another dive on Castle Rock, the second dive the North West Cape of Komodo Island to see turtles, white tips, hump head parrotfishs… Then we will dive the famous GPS Point and its schools of fishs.

Day 5: We will spend the day in Banta Island; the first dive is Tanjung Rusa, an amazing wall covered with corals and millions of fishs hovering on the reef… Coral Garden in the protected bay is a haven for endemic and baby fishs. Finally the island of Tukoh Serikaya will seduce you: preserved corals and millions of anthias, white tips and many more…

Day 6: We go back to Komodo with a first dive on the way West of the island. The second on Crystal Rock and finally the last on the Golden Passage, underwater pool offering protection from the current to many fishs such as schools of rabbit fishs and their predators, trevallies, sharks and also mantas, leopard rays…

Day 7: We look for mantas on the reef of Karang Makassar. We will go diving Pantai Merah, this little wall is full of life, then we will go to the entry of Loh Namu on Komodo Island to see dragons and other animals, wild pigs, deers, monkeys and the particular fauna of this place.

Day 8: We spend the day diving around Padar IslandPayung Island and its surprising rocks covered with coral looking like a wreck ; The Three Sisters, underwater pinnacles full of life, anthias, trevallies, turtles, nudibranchs… Pilarsteen and its beautiful underwater sceneries, canyons, swim through, caves and overhangs.

Day 9: We go South to dive the sites in between Rinca and Kode Islands. You will be seduced by Cannibal Rock and Yellow Wall covered with soft corals and endemic life. Finally Torpedo Bay will astonish you by its underwater life so particular, mimic octopus, incredible crabs looking like feather or algae, frogfishs, ghost pipe fishs…


Day 10: We dive BouldersCrinoid Canyon and Nusa Kode: very nice underwater sceneries and amazing life to expect.

Day 11: We go to the South of Komodo to look for mantas. Manta Alley, nice coral garden and mantas, sharks… German Flag, big groupers, trevallies and napoleon wrasses… Finally, The End of the World to see big fishes.

Day 12: We will dive another time Manta Alley then we start sailing back to the North. The second dive is Indihiang to see some of the biggest groupers of the park and the last one in Pulau Tenggah Kecil yellow color, nice corals and schooling fishs. We will spend the night in Pulau Kalong to see the big bats, flying foxes wake up and migrating for food to Rinca.

Day 13: We will go to Rinca Island, the second entry of the Park where the chance to see dragons are higher. The last dive takes place in Pulau Bidadari to see nudibranchs, octopus and ribbon eels. Then we will go back to Labuan Bajo where a farewell drink will be offered before we have the chance to welcome you again on board of the Komodo Sailing.


You wish to stay longer:

We will take you West of Komodo National Park or explore South of Rinca and Pulau Motong.



The captain and the cruise manager may have to change the program depending on the weather forecast and the sea conditions.

The dives will be adjusted to the level of experience of the divers.

We cannot be hold responsible in case of delays due to domestic or international flights or deliverance of port clearance.



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