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Dive Ambon to Sorong

Discover this new destination which propose you amazing dives, unique, incredible underwater life with great diversitymixed with the pleasure of sailing far East indonesia.

This cruise will take you on the Banda and Seram Seas to the South of the National Park of Rajah Ampat. We will leave from Ambon and dive Nusa Laut, Banda Islands, Koon Island and Misool to finish in Sorong (or the other way around).

Ports of call will take us to the Banda Islands to visit a spice plantation as well as the uninhabited islands of Misool and their spectacular sceneries with limestone islands, caves, deserted beachs, labyrinths…

About diving :

Impossible not to become enthusiastic over this destination mixing muck dives in Ambon, amazing reefs of Nusa Laut, Suangi or Koon, beautiful dive sites with crystal clear waters in Banda and colourful soft corals of Misool.


Some of our favourite dive sites : 

Twilight Zone : You will dive in the « rubbish » of the Ambonese fishermen and will discover diving treasures, the endemic life such as sea horses, rhinopia, wonderpuss, dragonets, frog fishs, Coleman shrimps… To feel like Alice in Wonderland !


Nusa Laut : Incredible coral garden with table corals more than 3 meters diameter. Schools of snappers, humphead parrot fishs, fusilliers, barracudas, batfishs (and much more…), the opportunity to see big fishs, hammerhead sharks, rays will make this dive unforgettable !



Pulau Koon : first passage in the North between the Seram and Banda Seas, the South East corner is  knowned as « Too Many Fishs ». Beautiful coral garden on top of the reef, magnificent walls, the fishs are plenty : big eye trevallies, barracudas, snappers… The corner is famous for big fishs : dolphins, all kind of sharks, Queensland groupers, rays… Fantastic !!!


Fiabacet : Nudibranch Island : amazing dive, you will see so many various underwater landscapes in one dive, walls, coral gardens, gorgonian forest, pinnacles, hard and colourful soft corals, fishs by thousands !

One of the most beautiful dive in the world ! 

Want more info ? Have a look at our Ambon to Sorong dive cruise itinerary.

Wish to join us ? Check the shedule and prices.

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