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Protection of the Reef PDF Print E-mail


Indonesia is an economically developping country. The conscience of the need to protect the environment is only at its beginning.


We ask you to show the good example by :



- not bringing over too much plastic or non bio-degradable materials. Or to bring them back home with you. We have electricity on board to charge batteries.

- not throwing overboard cigaretts or platics,

- not walking on reef,

- not touching corals and other inhabitants of the reef,

- controlling your buoyancy, direction, and fin kicks. Our guides are happy to help you review these technics.

- controlling your position underwater while taking pictures,

- not picking up anything while diving even if you think the animal is dead,

- not buying any handycraft made of turtle, or souvenir such as shark jaws, shells, corals,

- not eating dishes made of turtle, shark or any other endangered specy. 








             Thanks for your cooperation.







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