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Located on the North-West coasts of New Guinea in the Indonesian province of Papua Barat, the National Park of the Raja Ampat - translate « the 4 kings » for the 4 main islands : Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo - is an archipelago of around 1,500 islands.To get more informations about the Park, click here.

The landscapes are amazing, the blue seas, lagoons, lime stone islands, passages between islands, mangrove and jungle will leave you with an unforgettable souvenir. With few inhabitants, the National Park gives us the feeling to be the first explorers.


The cruise starts in Sorong and sails along the islands of Wai, Jet Fam, Mansuar, Waigeo and Batanta returning to Sorong.

Ports of call will allow us to visit the uninhabited islands and their spectacular sceneries, with caves, labyrinths...  


About diving : 



Raja Ampat is renowned to be the cradle of the underwater life ; in 2001, a marine scientist assessment showed that the diversity of life is one of the greatest of the world, even in the Coral Triangle formed by Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

With more than 1,000 species of fish, more than 500 species of coral and more than 700 species of mollusc, the dive sites of Rajah Ampat will surprise and fire you with enthousiasm. In 2006, new species were still discovered.


The Raja Ampat are still preserved and the divers and operators are few which makes this place even more special.


Some of our favourite dive sites of the North :



Cape Kri : this incredible reef will stun you, schools of yellow, black and red snappers, barracudas, big eye trevallies, humphead parrot fishs, fusilliers, batfishs, mackerels.

Keep an eye on your buddy !



Mios Kon : this coral garden is simply magnificent : schooling fishs, pygmy sea horses, wobbegongs, endemic epaulette sharks, nudibranchs…




The Passage : salty river separating the Islands of Waigeo and Gam, the current is usually strong. The dive will be a mix of a drift in the center of the river where you will meet humphead parrot fishs, napoleon wrasses, white tip reef sharks, barracudas ; and a muck dive in the quiet bays of the river with nudibranchs, flat worms… Unforgettable atmosphere !


Manta Ridge : this cleaning station will give you the opportunity to see black manta rays, sea moths, Pontohi pygmy sea horses…


Some of our favourite dive sites of the South :




Fiabacet : Nudibranch Island : amazing dive, you will see various underwater landscapes in one dive, walls, coral gardens, gorgonian forest, pinnacles, hard and colourful soft corals, fishs by thousands.

One of the most beautiful dive of the world ! 





Farondi Canyon  : the soft corals will offer you a real palette of colours, grey, yellow, orange, pink, violet with many nudibranchs and pygmy sea horses.

Outstanding !



Tanjung Barat or Kaleïdoscope Reef : great dive, you will be dazzled by the colours of the soft corals.



And many more… We love the place !


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